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Gooseneck Horse and Stock Trailers



2010 W-W Brightline Horseman All Aluminum Gooseneck 3 Horse Trailer

6' wide x 16' long x 6'6" tall, Slant Load with Tack Room, Like New Condition

Call Blake Collins   865-497-2784 Home   248-953-0516 Cell

$12,000 OBO




 1999 W-W Aluminum Stock Trailer with Dressing Room




2014 Keifer Gooseneck Stock Trailer

with Dressing Room




2015 W-W Roustabout Stock Trailer

Full Swing Half Sliding Door

With Tarp....$6,800

With Out Tarp....$6,600



2015 Roustabout Stock Trailer

   20" x 6.8'   Black with White Pinstripe
Full Swing Half Sliding Door
With Tarp....$8,850
With Out Tarp....$8,650
2014 WW 6x20
2x 6,000lb Axles
2x Electric Brakes
3-Horse Gooseneck
1988 Circle W Stock Trailer....$1,900
1990 Stoll Stock Trailer....$3,900
Tan Two-Horse Goose Neck Trailer....$2,900
2014 W-W Roustabout Gooseneck Stock Trailer with Canvas Tarp 20' x 6'8
1997 W-W Roustabout 6' x 32' Gooseneck Brush Fender Bar Top Trailer
3x 7,000 lb axles with electric brakes - 3 cut gates - Butterfly rear gates
1989 W-W "Big W" 6' x 20' Gooseneck Stock Trailer
 2014 Kiefer 3-Horse Trailer with Living Quarters, Kitchen,
Full Bathroom....$60,000
24ft CM Aerostar Mt with Nose
Aluminum with Wood Floor
1995 Titan 3-Horse Gooseneck Trailer 7' x 7' x
Currently Located in Decatur, Illinois
Used 2001 WW - 3 Horse Slant Load Gooseneck Stock Trailer
6' x 16' - Drop Windows - Dressing Room
Currently Located in Decatur, Illinois
2006 W-W Gooseneck Horse Trailer
with Dressing Room
Used 6' x 24' Gooseneck Stock Trailer - Double Deck


Looking for a new horse or stock trailer in a style you don't see?

Click the links to our trailer manufacturers at the bottom of this page to see new trailer models available to order. 

Call us for more information and to customize a trailer with options to fit your need. 



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