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New Enorossi Disc and Drum Mowers
New Enorossi 5 Head 6'9" Disc Mower
New Enorossi 6 Head 8' Disc Mower
New 135 Enorossi 4'5" Drum Mower
New 165 Enorossi 5'5" Drum Mower

Rotary Tillers


New Mahindra Gear Drive Tillers

 4 ft Tiller.....$2,125

5 ft Tiller.....$2,265

6 ft Tiller.....$2,510




New Taylor Pittsburgh Tiller Gear Drive

5 ft Tiller.....$1,500

6 ft Tiller.....$1,800



Bush Hog 48" Tiller

Grader Blades & Box Blades 


New Bush Hog Road Grader 60".....$1,100

New Bush Hog Road Grader 72".....$1,200

New Bush Hog Road Grader 84".....$1,275



 Bush Hog Heavy Duty
84" Road Grader



6' New Bush Hog Utility Blade 35-06.....$585

7' New Bush Hog Utility Blade 35-07.....$625



6' New Bush Hog Medium Duty Blade 50-06 $810

7' New Bush Hog Medium Duty Blade 50-07 $850

7' New Bush Hog Medium Duty Blade 70-07 $1,150

9' New Bush Hog Heavy Duty Blade 100-09 $3,100



8' New Bush Hog 91-08 Blade w-Hydraulics $2,800 

Sold But Can Re-Order



New Mahindra Box Scraper

4 ft.....$624   -   5 ft.....$703   -   6 ft.....$793


  Titan Brand  Box Blades

Box Blades
5' Standard....$425
6' Standard....$500

Finish Mowers


New Bush Hog Rear Discharge Finish Mower

6' Finish Mower RDTH-72.....$2,700

7' Finish Mower RDTH-84.....$3,100



Hay Tools and Pallet Forks
New Tonutti 10ft Hay Tedder


Bush Hog brand Round Bale Hay Unroller $1,050


Pallet Forks....$550
Hay Spears....$450



Universal Pallet Forks



New Bolt-On Bucket Hay Spear....$220


New Mahindra QA Hay Bale Spear.....$580


New Mahindra QA Pallet Forks....$925



7 ft New TN River Impl. Rock / Yard Rake...$500


New Mahindra Post Hole Diggers

with 9" Auger



Rotary Cutters


Tennessee River Implements


3-pt. Standard Duty Rotary Cutter

4 ft Shear Bolt.....$785

5 ft Shear Bolt.....$895

5 ft Slip Clutch.....$985

6 ft Shear Bolt.....$965

6 ft Slip Clutch.....$1,065



3-pt. Medium Duty Rotary Cutter

6 ft 90-hp Slip Clutch.....$1,260

7 ft 90-hp Slip Clutch.....$1,630


New Tennessee River Implement

HEAVY DUTY Rotary Cutter


6 ft 3-pt. Hitch.....$1,630

6 ft 3-pt. Hitch 2-TW.....$1,800

7 ft 3-pt. Hitch.....$2,130

7 ft Pull Type.....$2,850

8 ft 3-pt. Hitch.....$2,965

8 ft Pull Type.....$3,950

10 ft 3-pt. Hitch.....$3,275

10 ft Pull Type.....$4,640

10 ft Pull Type with Front Chains.....$4,950


Mahindra Cutters 


New Mahindra Standard Duty Shear Pin Lift Cutter

4 ft Cutter.....$1,125

5 ft Cutter.....$1,151

6 ft Cutter.....$1,459


New Mahindra Standard Duty Slip Clutch Lift Cutter

5 ft Cutter.....$1,373

6 ft Cutter.....$1,618


New Mahindra HD slip-clutch 90hp Rotary Cutter 2 tail wheels

5 ft....$2,400




New Mahindra Heavy Duty Lift Cutter

90-hp Slip Clutch

8 ft Cutter.....$4,554



New Mahindra Heavy Duty Lift Cutter

90-hp Slip Clutch

10 ft Cutter.....$5,050


New Mahindra Super Duty Round Back 150hp slip clutch




New Mahindra OL GRIZZ 15' flexwing.....$18,028 


Titan Brand Cutters

4' Econo Cutter without Chains
5' Econ Cutter without Chains
6' Econo Cutter without Chains
5' Standard Slip-Clutch without Chains
6' Standard Slip-Clutch without Chains


  Bush Hog Brand Bush Hog

 4ft Bush Hog, Available in Red also
5ft Bush Hog, Available in Red also
6ft Bush Hog
Slip-Clutch Exchange....$150
 2010 Bush Hog Cutter 
10 Foot, Front Chain
Rear Bundle, Pull Bundle 
Hydraulic Cylinder


BH16-2 - 6' Rotary Cutter Slip Clutch


BH17-2 - 7' Rotary Cutter Slip Clutch



BH6 bush hog cutter razorback





No Picture Available:


New Versatech stump bucket.....$650


New Versatech weld on skid steer plates

Convert equipment to skid steer style.....$100


New Potato Hiller.....$285


New TN River Impl. Boom Pole

Heavy Duty Square.....$195


New Pond Scoop Reversible 30".....$300


New Fertilizer Spreader.....$400 




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