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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm looking to purchase a flatbed for my truck - where do I start?

  • You can see the most popular models of truck beds by clicking this link to our CM Truck Beds Models page, and if you don't see what you are
    looking for there, give us a call.  There are dump beds & other models not pictured on the site.
  • Give us a call for pricing and availability - we keep the SS Model and some SK Models in stock, and sometimes have a TM Model, RD Model or ER Model in stock available right away.
  • We will need to know the make, year model, and model of your truck to quote a bed.
    This information is needed to determine which size bed will fit your truck.
  • If the truck did not come with a factory bed (came as cab & chassis), it will have a different size bed than
    factory bed trucks (due to different measurements from cab to axle, and different width frame runners).

Will you install my truck bed any day of the week?

  • We install the beds on Mondays through Fridays, & the shop opens at 9:00 am.
  • It usually takes about 4 hours to install a bed, and the installation should be scheduled at least one day in advance; however, the earlier you can schedule it the better, as we cannot always accomodate an installation with only a day or two of notice due to jobs we may have already scheduled for the shop.
  • Customers are welcome to drop the truck off, or wait in the office while it's being installed.
  • We can install tool boxes on the underside of SS Beds, usually 30" or 36" boxes.
  • We also install mud flaps & gooseneck balls, which we have here in inventory.
  • Most trucks need a fuel hose extension to reach the fuel fill cap; we have these in stock as well.

Do I need to have my bed removed before I come, or will you remove it?

  • We will remove your bed for a fee of $100, but we can make no guarantees against damage to the bed. If you have a nice bed, you may prefer to take the bed off before you come. If you remove the bed prior to coming, you simply need to secure the lights to the frame to be legal driving.

Can I buy a bed and install it myself?

  • We do offer truck beds for sale without installation: if you would prefer to install the bed yourself,
    or have it installed elsewhere, please specify this when you call for a quote.
  • There is an installation kit with the bolts, etc. included with the bed.
  • For safety reasons, our shop secures the beds to the truck with both the bolt kit and spot welding
    .  We do not recommend a bolt-on-only install, especially when pulling a gooseneck trailer.

I want to install a bed on my farm truck, can I use my farm tax exempt number?

  • According to Tennessee law, we must charge sales tax on truck beds,
    even if they are installed on a farm truck.
  • The sales tax rate is 9% tax.

I live outside of Tennessee, will I have to pay TN sales tax?

  • If you reside in a state other than Tennessee, you may or may not have to pay our sales tax:
  • According to TN law, if you buy the bed & have it installed in TN, we must charge TN sales tax on your purchase.
  • However, if we deliver the bed to another state & it is not installed in TN, you will not owe TN sales tax.

I have no need of the bed I'm taking off, do you buy factory beds?

  • We don't usually buy factory beds - we have no resale market for them.
  • Usually the best place to sell your used factory bed is a body shop that
    rebuilds wrecked trucks.
  • We do sometimes buy used flatbeds.

Can I finance my purchase of a flatbed for my truck?

  • We can set up financing for your truck bed through Farm Credit Services of Mid-America if you have farm income.
  • This is a one-page application that takes about 5 minutes to complete, and we can
    receive an answer within a couple hours.
  • We can also work with your local bank or credit union by sending them a deal sheet for you.

Do you have a bed in stock to fit my truck? What models do you keep in stock?

  • We usually have the SS Model in stock to fit the most common truck models.
  • We sometimes have an SK Model, TM Model, ER Model, RD Model, SS Aluminum Model, or other in stock,
    but usually only one or two, that may or may not fit your truck.
  • Please call or email Amy or David to ask whether we have a particular model in stock to fit your truck or not.

If you don't have the bed I am looking for in stock, how long would it take to get one?

  • If we don't have the bed in stock, it normally takes about 6-8 weeks to get.
  • There are exceptions - on more common models we may be able to get one quicker on occasion - on special order beds, it could take longer than 8 weeks. If you have a specific bed in mind, we would be happy to check for you.

Have another question?

  • We're here to answer! Call David, Amy or David Jr. at (423) 733-2272, or email a question to